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IKS – Bringing professionals together!

IKS-Media – publishing, online activities, new media and PR

iKS-Consulting – analytical and strategic consulting to the TMT sector and conferences

IKS-Group – investment advisory and principal investments in the TMT and related sectors


IKS-magazine («InformCourier-Svyaz»)
is the first (since 1992) business publication for Telecom,
Media & Technology (TMT) professionals in Russia and CIS,

an efficient source of information for the managers and
industry specialists - telecom operators,  both traditional and
alternative service-providers, vendors, system integrators,
cable TV and digital content providers, corporate networks,
regulatory bodies.

Industry Insight / Industry Inside / IKS Inside

IKS' concept - Information and Knowledge Source: All about
Telecom, Media & IT business in Russia.

Covering: economic, legal, political and management issues in
TMT industry + analysis of technological and business aspects +
strategies and tendencies of the industry development.

IKS’ mission is to promote efficient development of IT and
telecom technologies in Russia and CIS and unite the
business community by the idea of rolling out NGNs in order to
better serve telecom subscribers.

Founded - 1992. Circulation – 15.000. Monthly.

IKS-MEDIA web-portal combines 5 professional sites.

The leading information & communication resource on Telecom,
Media & Technology markets (TMT), for professionals and users.

News, new products & technologies, analytics, classifieds /
catalogues, glossaries, industry calendar, blogs, forums, market
segments, market trends & perspectives, converged services,
business-cases etc.

IKS’ mission: to create the media environment necessary for
professional business, to help users advance in TMT-field.

All about TMT business, all about using TMT for other businesses.

WWW.IKS-MEDIA.RU – is the NextGen mass-media with Web
2.0 features: blogs, forums, UGC. The network of professional &
expert communities, more than 5.000 subscribers.

WWW.IKS-NAVIGATOR.RU – network of services (search,
classifieds, company cards, personalities, etc.)

WWW.IKS-PROFI.RU – network of professional training and
industry events.

WWW.SVYAZEXPO-ONLINE.RU – online resource to the leading
industry trade show.

Launched - January 2008.

July 2008 - 30.000 visitors monthly.

IKS Encyclopedia
- series of TMT Market segments analytical
review: Interactive Media, Broadband, IT-services, Telecom
Atlas of Russia, Inter-carrier services market, etc.
IKS Maps - series of geographical maps and analytical posters
on market segments.
Round Tables on subjects of current interest.


  • Market Introduction
  • Round Tables
  • Seminars
  • IKS Club of industry & financial analysts
  • Hi-tech Marketing Association
  • Hi-tech Marketing Conference (yearly since 2006)

iKS-Consulting Agency

is a leading consultancy and research group specializing in
TMT-market in Russia and CIS countries.
Over 400 successful projects for leading telecom companies.
Continuous monitoring of 9 market sub-segments in 15
Up-to-date inside information and statistics.
In-house research capabilities.
Direct contacts with telecommunications market players.
Over 350,000 references in mass-media.

Over 15 experienced researchers and consultants.

Key products & services:

Research, market tendencies & forecasts, Databases

Marketing and competitors analyses, assessment of a new
service potential, communication audit

Benchmarking, business planning, strategy development,
investment potential assessment

Organization and professional presentations at industry

Dear colleagues!

IKS as your media-partner in the Russia and CIS market can help you succeed faster and in the most cost-effective way. We help you start and maintain effective information exchange between your company and the market, leading to increasing sales.

With its 16 years expertise in Russia's TMT market IKS-media can provide a full circle of media and consulting services to our partners at the highest professional level helping you to:

  1. receive objective information and quality analysis/research reports about the market situation, current trends, forecasts and recommended solutions. That will help you make the right business decisions on your company’s investment policies and strategies in the Russia and CIS markets;
  2. receive daily industry news, as well as regular market overviews and forecasts, information on key persons and players, upcoming industry events – online and in print publication. That will allow you to keep updated on general market situation, as well as thematic details with the help of one universal resource. We aggregate and classify the news for your convenience!
  3. develop a full MarCom campaign to meet your company needs in the best way – market introductory events and activities, ongoing advertising and PR coverage with the help of IKS MarCom tools (see IKS Media-Kit ).

We will help you build market awareness of your brand and services, promote and recommend your company as a serious player and a reliable partner to your target audience, thus enabling your sales team to meet important customers much more quickly and easily facilitating your sales growth.

Why do TMT leaders choose IKS to be their media-partner in Russia and CIS?

  • 16 years of expertise in TMT market as a business publication and 4 years as a Consulting agency
  • IKS is a widely recognized telco business publication, highly respected and trusted in the industry for its' quality analytical business content and objective overviews of the telco market, as well as business forecasting
  • VIP readership (IT and top management in telco - Vendors/Integrators/Providers; IT-management of other industries – finance, oil/gas/energy, transportation, big industrial and trading companies)
  • personalized readers database (about 30.000 contacts from 10.000 companies / governmental organizations)
  • effective communication channels (free subscription for top managers, distribution at numerous industry's events - trade shows and conferences) covering Russia and some of the CIS states (Ukraine and Kazakhstan in particular)
  • exclusive media partnership with the key telco events in Russia – e.g. SvyazExpocomm, CIS Com, Capacity Russia, Infocom, etc.
  • special promotion opportunities for our partners
  • balanced combination of offline and online services
  • professional team that makes it easy and comfortable to work with us. We help you face possible business challenges in the most effective way. Your success is our goal!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions/ideas – IKS will be glad to develop an effective market-entry and development campaign focused at your target audience and meeting your business goals. IKS will be honored to be a reliable long-term media partner for your company in Russia and CIS.

With best regards,
Julia Ovchinnikova

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12.07.2012 Союз машиностроителей России поддерживает проведение ИнфоБЕРЕГ-2012.
Общероссийское отраслевое объединение работодателей «Союз Машиностроителей России» поддержало инициативу проведения 11-й Всероссийской конференции «Информационная безопасность. Региональные аспекты. ИнфоБЕРЕГ 2012». Соответствующее письмо было направлено руководством ОООР всем руководителям предприятий, являющихся членами данного объединения.
12.07.2012 InfoSecurity Russia 2012: РКСС официальный партнер выставки
“Российская корпорация средств связи" (РКСС) впервые стала официальным партнером выставки " InfoSecurity Russia 2012". Основной целью этого партнерства будет продвижение интегрированных доверенных решений для ИТ-инфраструктуры в России, а также обеспечение адаптации технологий крупнейших зарубежных вендоров с учетом требований российского рынка.
12.07.2012 All-over-IP 2012: Экспоненты демонстрируют ИТ и телекоммуникационные услуги
По данным исследований Marketvisio и Orange Business Services более  50% российских компаний сегмента SME увеличат свои расходы на ИТ и телекоммуникационные услуги.
12.07.2012 Telefónica may restructure to reduce €57 billion in debt
Telefónica is considering restructuring its entire Latin America (LatAm) business to raise cash and reduce its €57 billion in debt.
10.07.2012 С 21 июля по 31 августа открывается Летняя Стартап Школа SumIT
21 Июля венчурный фонд EspritoVentures и Национальный Исследовательский Университет ИТМО запускают проект под названием «Открытая Стартап Школа  SumIT». Проект будет работать на протяжении шести недель с 21 июля по 31 августа.
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